Eni yut ie save rejista wetem Youth Challenge Vanuatu long yia ia 2024.

Any youth can register with Youth Challenge Vanuatu this year 2024.

  • Yu mas stap bitwin long eij blong 16 – 30 yia.
  • Level blong edukesen blong yu ie no mas bitim yia 11.
  • Eniwan ie save rejista. No mata long jenda blong yu, yu yu welkam blong kam rejista. Spos yu wan yut wetem spesel nid, mifala ie enkarejem yu blong resjista tu.
  • Plis atajem wetem rejistresen fom blong yu wan kopi blong Birth Certificate mo National ID blong yu.
  • Olgeta we oli stap long eij blong 16 – 30 be oli ol yia 12 leaver o skul kasem Univesiti mo intres blong rejista wetem YCV, plis kam long ofis blong YCV long namba 2 Parray blong YCV ie save rejistarem yu taem we bae YCV ofis hemi open blong mekem ol rejistresen.
  • Yu we eij blong yu hemi ova long 30 yia mo yu intres blong rejista, yu save rejista tu be bae yu kam rejista long ofis blong YCV nomo taem hemi open blong mekem ol rejistresen.
  • Rejistresen fi hemi 100vt.
  • You have to be between 16 to 30 years of age.
  • Your level of education should not be above year 11.
  • Anyone can register. It doesn’t matter what gender, you are welcome to register. If you are a youth with special needs, we encourage you to register too.
  • Please attach with this registration form a copy of your Birth Certificate and your National ID card.
  • Those at the age group of 16 to 30 and are year 12 school leaver or University and are interested to register with YCV, please come to YCV office at Namba 2 Parray so that YCV can help you register when the YCV office opens the registration.
  • Those of you who are above the age of 30 and are interested to register, you can also register when the registration form is open for registration.
  • The registration fee is 100vt.


Plis ridim kud ol instraksen long fom mo fulmap evri seksen.

Spos yu nidim help blong fulmap fom, plis askem long Yut senta service admin o staff blong assistim yu.

Tankiu Tumas.


Please carefully read the instructions in this form and fill in your answers to every section.

If you need help with filling out this form, please ask for help at the Yut Senta Service admin or staff to assist you.

Thank you very much.


YCV ie wantem talem bikfala tankiu long yu long taem blong yu blong save fulmap rejistresen fom ia. Plis mekem sua se ol infomesen we yu putum long fom ia oli true mo ol kontak namba oli wok oltaem. Spos eni kontak we yu putum hemi jenj, plis letem YCV ie save mo kivim wan stret kontak we bae YCV ie save kasem yu long hem.

Afta long rejistresen, bae YCV bae hemi kontaktem yu blong kam long YCV blong save storian moa wetem yu long wanem yu bin fulmap olsem ol jois blong yu, mo tu blong save talemaot long yu ol wanem kaen trening nao YCV ie stap ofarem we yu nidim blong pem ekstra mo bae kat wan setifiket blong ol kaen trening ia.

Yu mas mekem sua se bae ol kontak oli wok oltaem from bae ie kat wan indaksen afta long rejistresen bifo eni trening ie save tekem ples long yia ia.

Wan moa taem, tankiu tumas long taem blong yu blong save fulmap rejistresen fom ia.

Tankiu Tumas.

YCV would like to thank you for your time in filling out this registration form. Please make sure that all the information put in this form is true and correct, and that all the contacts are working at all times. If any of the contacts you have inserted in this form might have change, please let YCV know and give a contact number that YCV can reach you with it.

After the registration, YCV will contact you to come and have a discussion about what you have put in the registration form as your answer or choice, and to discuss more about what trainings are offered at YCV in which you can pay a little extra fee and there will be a certificate provided at the end of the training.

You have to make sure that all the contacts are working at all times because there will be an induction after the registration and before all the training begins this year. 

Again, thank you very much for your time you have put in to filling up this registration form.

Thank you.