Agnes Binihi is a 2021 Ready For Work (RFW) Candidate

Agnes Binihi is a year 13 leaver and resides at Eratap village. Agnes comes from the island of Pentecost.

She did not continue on to university due to financial constraints faced by her family and has somewhat accepted the fact that she was going to spend the rest of her life at home.

Agnes stated that she used to see young people in her community going to school with a yearning to go back to school. Unfortunately, both of her parents are jobless hence her not being able to continue her studies at the university level.

“My goal since I was a little girl is to become an accountant like my uncle who works at a bank in town. I also want to be working in an office and this dream has been with since then. It was unfortunate that I cannot achieved this because my parents can no longer afford my education,” she said.

“I joined the Ready for Work progam in February 2021 and had the chance to participate in all the trainings offered and it was quite challenging as well for me.”

Agnes went through basic computing skills course, life skills training and job seeking skills. All these trainings have taught Agnes to be more resilient and believed the fact that she is not a failure. She is now equipped with skills that will enable her to achieve her dream and with that comes all other qualities that will enable her to work smart inside an institution.

“To love my job and be passionate about it is vital for my future,” she said.

Agnes reiterated, “prior to attending the training, I was involved in voluntary activities but still I felt that my life was incomplete and was a jigsaw puzzle that I was trying to hard to put together. Being part of the RFW program has assisted me to finding the missing parts of my life, I feel safe here at YCV because they actually understand me, put me on the right path to achieve what I have wanted.”

“I feel proud of what I have become and very proud of what YCV is doing for all youth around Vanuatu.”

Agnes is aspiring to become a professional accountant five to ten years’ time and to realize this, she has already set goals to go back to school to achieve her dream.

“My advice to all youth is to not ever make excuse of being a school drop-out, don’t embrace the thought you are a failure because we are all capable one way or another and can excel in whatever we set our minds to. With faith, you can also find yourself in an office someday. There is a saying that goes never judge a book by its cover so don’t be choosy when opportunities present itself to you, try it and be smart at it you will be happy with the results. In everything or achievement you get, never forget to give thanks to the Almighty GOD”.


‘Yu wan Yangfala weh yu drop aot long skul, plis no ting daon long yu’

Winston Tamata Tambe emi kam long island blong Ambae mo liv long Tagabe area. Emi finisim edukesen blong hem long yia 13. Emi bin drop out long skul from skul fi long 2017 taem parens blong hem oli bin evacuate aot long aelan from Ash fall blong Manaro volcano mo oli go stap long Santo.

Evri samting we oli kat, oli lusem long taem ya.

Wan Goal we Winston emi bin setemap istap mo kat hope mo faith long em se, wan dei bambai emi kasem wan wok blong helpem families blong hem.

Long Januari 2019, Winston emi bin kam long Youth Challenge Vanuatu mo patisipet long Redi Blong Wok Prokram.

Insaet long program, emi bin atendem ol trenings mo wan samting we emi lanem emi hao blong kritim ol man long wok ples mo hao blong raitem wan aplikesen mo fulap more.

“Tru long aplikesen lay oat weh mi lanem long Youth Challenge nao mi fainem current work blong mi mo hao weh mi kritim wan man o woman long wok, mi lanem tu long Youth Challenge. Afta long trening mi nomo ko skul be mi applae iko long Polis mo joinem 2019 recruit polis,” Winston i talem.

Winston emi stap wok naoia long Vanuatu Police Force anda long traffic olsem Crash Investigator.

Advaes blong Winston hemi olsem, “Yu wan yangfala weh yu drop out lo skul , plis no ting daon long yu. Yu save mekem sipos yu gat wan fiuja goal blong yu. Yu mas kat hope oltaem mo mas kat courage long yu wan se you save mekem. Mas overkamem ol Jalens mo stanap strong blong kasem fiuja career blong yu”.


‘Taem yu wan yangfala we yu drop aot long skul, ikat opporuniti istap so yu no giv ap’.

Tabi Holluon emi kam long aelan blong Malekula mo liv long Malapoa Whitehood. Emi laikem skul tumas mo putum heart blong hem long edukesen, be emi no go tru long yia 10 blong go long neis level we emi yia 11.

Goal blong hem emi blong mekem bisnis blong sto mo helpem ol pikinini we oli no kat access long skul.

Tabi emi bin patisipet long Redi Blong Wok prokram long September 2020. Long taim blong trening, emi bin lanem fulap skills long trening mo emi helpem hem tumas. Mo wan long ol skills we emi lanem bigwan emi daevesiti mo helti komunikesen.

Tabi emi talem se emi win from emi go tru long trening ia mo laikem tumas from emi helpem hem blong kam wan lida tumoro.

Tabi emi stap wok naoia long wan Kontrak basis wetem Vanuatu Society for People with Disability (VSPD) olsem wan Tija blong ol Disabiliti mo CBID officer we i lukluk long nid blong disabiliti long komuniti.

Advaes blong Tabi igo long ol Yut se, “Taem yu wan yangfala we e drop aot long skul, ikat opotojuti istap so yu no giv ap. Mi biliv se Youth Challenge Vanuatu emi save givim janis ia blong wok igo blong ajivim happiness blong yumi wanwan”.


‘If you are young and a school drop-out don’t think that this is the end of your life ‘ says Rocky Matthew

Matthew a person with a disability is from the Island of Malekula residing at Ifira point area is 20 years old, completed year 13 at Tebakor College in 2019 and should have continued studies in 2020 but due to financial difficulties he was not able to continue.

“I was trying my best to find a job to continue my education but there was no luck”, said Rocky. Then a friend told me that Youth Challenge Vanuatu was giving out forms for the Ready for Work program and because I was interested in the program, I filled out the form.

When I was at school my goal was to find a job to help my families and improve my standard of living. Once I joined the program, I still have that same goal that I was dreaming of but because I don’t have that qualification to enable me to achieve this goal. My other goal is for me to pursue further studies.

I learn many things in the training such as:

  • Leadership skills – how to work with different leaders and to become a good leader

  • Communication skills, how to talk with leaders.

  • Job seeking skills – I also learn how to seek for a job, write an application letter & how to attend an interview.

  • Life skills training – learn to better understand myself, how to identify a good partner, little advice on HIV/AIDs and how to deal, control, stop and prevent other sickness affecting us and little advice on sexual violence/harassment at the workplace.

The training helped me a lot. After I attended the training, I began to trust myself and when I had the opportunity to find a job, my boss and supervisor were impressed with the work I am doing. Through the trainings, I can provide for my home and help my families with their personal needs which also gave me the courage to want to perform beyond expectation with great positivity.”

After doing his internship with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rocky is now working in a contract basis at the Ministry as an Assistant Finance Officer. While working, he is now planning to continue further studies at Cambridge University and is in the process to getting a course book.

“The course that I want to take is; Business administration which is the major course which will enable me to continue my carrier and also I want to study international relationship that may also be an advantage to get a job in the ministry”, says Rocky.

“I also took WTO online course at the ministry of foreign affair, and APTC Micro Credential online course for Communication Technologies for Business Success just to increase my knowledge of other work tools that will add on to my work experience.”

“My advice is, if you are young and a school drop-out don’t think that this is the end of your life. You have to have an open mind, find other ways to continue. If you got stuck, try again and if you can’t, seek advice from friends, families that you think will help you. We young people have chances ahead of us to make a change in our lives no matter if you don’t have the money. Never give up to any circumstances in life, and you must have confidence to work on what you want to achieve. Above all to carry out your achievements, you must put God first in everything, seek him first and you will see what God will do for you. It’s a simple advice that am giving to all young boys and girls out there, follow your heart. If I can do that, I know you can also do it.”


“Dropping out of school is not the end of the road, it’s like being at the crossroads, you either choose a path that will make you happy in the future or will ruin your life’.

Eshina Narai comes from the island of Erromango and lives at Ohlen Freswind in Port Vila. She finished high school at year 11 after her father died and her mother was not able to support her academic journey financially.

Her goal is to find a steady job so she can continue with her education. Eshina joined the Ready for Work program in 2018 and was fortunate to be part of and learnt new skills during the training.

“I learnt many good things during the training for instance, how to become a good leader in your community, the qualities of a good leader, better communication skills, computer training, reproductive health, work ethics ad was part of a two months internship,” she said.

Eshina stated, “this training has particularly impacted my life, the topics we went through made me realize many things that I didn’t know before, it helped me to properly communicate with family, friends and colleagues at work.”

“That training helped me find a job that is now supporting me full time.

Eshina was employed at the Youth Challenge Vanuatu as an administration assistant & cleaner. She started working for YCV in 2019.

“Dropping out of school is not the end of the road, it’s like being at the crossroads, you either choose a path that will make you happy in the future or will ruin your life. However, know that there are always second chances in life, and when you get the opportunity to start anew with your journey, grab that opportunity and work hard then you will smile happily while writing another brighter story of your life” Eshina concluded.


“Mi wantem talem long yufala ol yangfala seh mi tu mi olsem yufala weh yumi no save mekem blong completim gud skul blong yumi from sam circumstances long laef. Beh spos mi save mekem blong finem wan gudfala wok, yufala tu i save mekem nomo.

Rose Mary Miller hemi liv long Ohlen Freshwind. Hemi no complitim skul blong hem from dadi blong hem ie bin sik bigwan mo hemi nomo save wok blong pem skul fi blong hem.

Rose Mary Miller hemi bin kat wan goal blong kam involve long sam trening blong YCV weh bambai i save bildimap skills we emi kat blong save fainem wan gudfala wok blong save sapotem hem long fiuja blong hem long saed blong finans.

Rose Mary emi bin kam stap drop in mo emi bin kat janis tu blong patisipet long ol trening we senta istap kivimaot. Hemi lanem hao blong aplae from wan wok, mo hao blong wok tu. Emi bin tren blong wok olsem finans assistant kodineta long YCV blong sam manis. Mo emi bin praktisim skills blong save toktok long foret blong bigfala grup blong pipol tru long field prokram long ol komuniti.

Rose Mary emi talem se, “trening ia oli helpem personal laef blong mi bigwan tete. Ol trening ia ie helpem mi blong faenem wan gudfala wok we mi stap wok long hem tete, ie helpem mi tu blong save pefom gud long wok ples, mo i helpem mi blong save manajem finans blong mi.” Afta long partisipesen blong hem long program, Rose Mary e finem wok.

Rose Mary emi wok naoia long Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation (VBTC) olsem library assistant long wan contract basis.

Inkarejmen we Rose Mary i wantem givim, “Mi wantem talem long yufala ol yangfala seh mi tu mi olsem yufala weh yumi no save mekem blong completim gud skul blong yumi from sam circumstances long laef. Beh spos mi save mekem blong finem wan gudfala wok, yufala tu i save mekem nomo. Advaes blong mi hemi tinkbaot fiuja blong yu mo famli blong yu seh afta long five o ten year’s taem, yu wantem fiuja blong yu bai olsem wanem? Yu pray abaotem mo no mas give ap long wanem level blong skul weh yu go stop long hem. Lukaotem mo askem advaes mo help long ol man or ol ples olsem YCV weh bai oli save help sapotem yu blong save mekem wan bisnis blong yu wan or wok long wan gudfala company”.


“My goal was to find a permanent job to support my career path therefore I was interested to join the program to build my skills, and knowledge to achieve my vision,” she said.

Meriam Kajiri Sam who is from the Island of Tanna Island and lives at Etas Area is 26 Years old.

Meriam could not continue her studies at the University of the South Pacific due to financial difficulties, the courses she was undertaking was very expensive for her parents to afford paying for her fees. She then decided to participate in the Ready for work program to build her capacity, skills and experience to help find a job and to give her a future.

“My goal was to find a permanent job to support my career path therefore I was interested to join the program to build my skills, and knowledge to achieve my vision,” she said.

Meriam stated what she learnt from the trainings were:

  • Healthy Communication

  • Good Leadership

  • Life Skills

  • Administration

  • Customer Service

  • Good Health Practices

  • How to write an application letter

  • How to write a CV

  • How the private sector functions

  • How the public sector operates

“The training really helped me to be ready to go into the workforce, especially how I can communicate with my boss and colleagues in times when I am not happy or when given responsibilities for me to carry out for instance, administration duties or enforce the rules, regulations as a leader in the organization and how to provide good customer service at work and other places,” She said.

Meriam is had the opportunity to be working on a contractual basis with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an Assistant Senior Finance Officer and Front Desk Reception.

“As per my experience, my advice is in life we have to try harder to achieve opportunities that we think we can’t make. Example if we can’t continue further studies due to some situation, we can always find a way out. There are many places that can help young people like Youth Challenge that we can engage ourselves in the trainings that they are providing which is free and can help us a lot in our career pathway,” she concluded.


‘Sapos mi save mekem, mi bilif strong se yu tu yu save mekem”.

Rosita Taleo emi kam long village blong Pango mo emi wan yia 12 leaver. Risen hemi no save kontinu edukesen blong hem, hemi from skul fi.

Goal blong Rosita emi blong kobak long skul mo karem wan kwalifikesen blong hem.

Long 2013, Rosita emi bin stap kam drop in long Youth Challenge Vanuatu mo accessem ol Seves long Yut Senta. Emi bin involve long volentia wok blong karem wok experiens, hemi bin lanem hao blong usem wan computer, ansarem telephone kol, sendem imel, mekem awaenes long komuniti mo tu mekem filing blong ofis.

Rosita emi talem se “afta weh mi bin finis long skul long 2011 (Yr 12) mi fraet tumas blong lukaotem wok blong sapotem mi from mi nogat eni wok experiens. Be taem mi harem abaotem ol sevisis weh YCV i stap ranem, mi intres tumas mo gat strong tingting blong kam regista.

Afta mi regista mi bin pat long volentia wok wetem YCV mo ol save weh mi karem hemi helpem mi bigwan blong mi mekem ol gudfala decision long laef mo tu hemi guaranteem mi blong save finem wan wok mo go bak long skul”.

Rosita emi kontinu blong talem se “Mi joinem YCV long 2013 mo long taem ia mi bin stat blong involve long volentia wok. Tri yia ie pas mi bin gat janis blong save signem fes kontrak blong mi wetem YCV blong wok olsem Vanuatu Wok/ Finance Ofisa. Mi glad tumas blong mi save kasem wok ia mo mi traem best blong mi long evri task weh oli givim mo tu mi assistim ol nara staff taem oli nidim help. Long 2018, tru long gudfala pefomens blong mi oli bin promotem mi kam long Kodinata posisen mo mi stap long hem kasem tete.

Afta weh Rosita emi finem wok tingting blong hem I strong yet blong hemi mas gobak studi mo long yia 2021, emi bin go regista wetem University of the South Pacific blong tekem Kos blong Bachelor of Commerce, major long Management mo Public Administration mo HR Management mo ER. Emi glad tumas blong save wok mo stadi tu sem taem.

Wanem we Rosita ie talem se hemi wan longfala rod iet be hemi bilif se evri smol step weh hemi tekem hemi lidim hem iko kolosap mo long goal blong hem.

Advaes blong Rosita igo long ol yangfala se “Hemi no easi blong gro tru long laef yu wan be wetem help blong Papa God mo sapot blong ol frens mo families everi samting weh yu stap tingting blong achievem bai hemi posibol. Wanem weh yu mekem naya bai determinem fiuja blong yu. Yu folem ol frens weh bai oli save help bildimap fiuja blong yu, no folem olgeta weh bai oli lidim yu go long trabol. Sapos yu stap strakel mo yu nomo save wea blong ko, I gat ol yut organisesen olsem YCV, Wan smol Bag Yut Senta, VNYC mo ol narafala more weh oli stap blong helpem yu wetem nid blong yu. Sapos mi save mekem, mi bilif strong se yu tu yu save mekem”.


My name is Lionel Aru. As a member of Youth Challenge Vanuatu, I was given the opportunity in 2018 through YCV to do some work with OXFAM to do assessments, reports and surveys. We were deployed to go to Tongoa for 2 weeks then Ifira and Pango to conduct assessments, data entry, survey and reporting.

What I was learning during these assignments, I had some knowledge of in theory during my studies with the University of the South Pacific, however with YCV’s assistance I was empowered with practical skills.

With YCV’s support I was able to join FSP with the Pacific Food Island Revolution project to do the same thing.

Upon the completion of the project, I went back to Maewo and during the National General Election, I was part of a Political Party’s campaign team. I wanted to come back to Vila but due to COVID-19 pandemic and TC Harold I was stuck in the island. Nevertheless, in the midst of these disasters, an opportunity was presented. A Livestock senior officer who was part of the Assessment Team, was finding difficulties with the KOBO app that they were using to do their assessments. When I learned of this, I told him that YCV gave me the opportunity to have a 2 days training with Ground Truth Solution to use the KOB app and with the experience I had with OXFAM I was able to understand and use the KOBO app. So, the officer accepted my assistance with the Assessments on Maewo. He further requested for me to accompany him to Vila and I would be the one to do our presentation talking about the challenges and lessons learnt from the assessment.

At the end of the presentation I am very happy when they told me my experience using the app and the theory I develop is very important.

I am grateful to YCV for the volunteering works, and referrals. I didn’t know about the KOBO app and how to use it but thank you very much to YCV for the opportunity to have a training with Ground Truth Solution on how to use the app, it opens many doors of opportunities. I can put into practise what I learn, and improve my capacity.

Currently, I am working with the Vanuatu Family Health as their Youth Officer, all thanks to Youth Challenge Vanuatu referrals and stakeholders.


Tania is from the island of Ifira and is married. She completed her final year of secondary school, got married and thought life was all about getting married and having babies and being a housewife even though she concluded her final year of secondary schooling.

Seeing her former classmates having jobs and being able to buy land, vehicles and building their houses, she gave up all hope on being able to achieve these things. She was part of the National census that was conducted in 2020 but then went back home to being a housewife and looking after her kids.

Joining YCV has helped me to think and see things differently. I am grateful for the opportunity given by YCV during the Job Seeking Skills training under the Youth Centre Service program. Being a year 12 leaver, I thought what I learnt in school was enough to write an application letter and CV but after leaving school for more than a decade, I realized that the application letters and CVs that I was writing was getting me nowhere.

After the training conducted by YCS, I managed to find a part time job in a sales team with Wantok Vanuatu.

Thank you to YCV for giving me a second chance and making me see things differently in life.


“Plis no kivap long old drim blong yu, taem yu drop aot long eli ej long skul, ol Jalens we yumi fesem hemi kam long laef blong yumi blong shapem yumi iko wan person we ie unique.”

Melody Nakat emi kam long island blong Tanna mo liv long Teoumaville. Emi no save kontinu long edukesen blong hem from skul fi I high tumas mo emi bin disait blong stop skul mo lukaotem wok.

“Tinktink back taim yumi smol ol parents blong yumi oli stap askem se bambae yu bikwan yu wok long wanem o kam wanem long fuja”, Melody I talem. Well blong mi, mi wokem talem se bai mi wok long wan ofis. So goal blong mi I bin fullfil be spesifik goal blong mi, mi no ajivim iet’.

Melody emi bin patisipet long Redi blong Wok prokram long 2017. Emi bin komplitim evri stej blong prokram stat long trening kasem internsip prokram. Emi talem se, ‘Wan gud samting weh mi bin lanem long taim blong training emi punctuality skills insait long organization o wan wok ples. Ol samting mi lanem hemi impoten blong wan wokman imas kat wetem hem towods wan nara man o client taim emi stap provaedem seves igo long client blong hem mo tu dress code blong wan wok envaeromen’.

Melody I talem se ol trening we emi bin go tru long hem I bin helpem hem bigwan long pesonal laef blong hem long sait blong fesem olsem blong fainem wok emi wan had samting tete long kantri blong yumi Vanuatu. Be wetem prokram ia blong RFW emi bin wan blessing blong hem olsem wan pas patisipen blong prokram ia.

Neis step blong hem afta long patisipasen blong hem long prokram hemi blong wok long wan kontrak long Vanuatu Fisheries Department afta ie aplae from wan poisisen blong Data Entry SPRFMO mo naoia hemi kam wan permanent ofisa blong Vanuatu Fisheries Dep long Januari 2021.

Gud advaes weh mi save givim long ol yangfala we oli drop out long skul long wan eli ej emi “plis no kivap long old drim blong yu, taem yu drop aot long eli ej long skul, ol Jalens we yumi fesem hemi kam long laef blong yumi blong shapem yumi iko wan person we ie unique.

From risen ya, yumi kat wan organization olsem Youth Challenge Vanuatu istap blong helpem ol yangfala olsem yumi we yumi ting se hope. Ikat ol prokram olsem Redi Blong Prokram long YCV istap blong helpem yumi ol yut olsem, hemi advaes blong mi olsem wan pas patisipen blong trening ya anda long Youth Challenge Vanuatu’.


A story from Rex Avock who was a YCS member that registered in 2013 and joined the Ready For Work Program.

A story from Rex Avock who was a YCS member that registered in 2013 and joined the Ready For Work Program.

Rex was introduced to YCV by a YCS member then by the name of Palen. Rex’s father who is the sole financial provider for his family has just passed away in 2009 causing Rex to leave school due to school fees. Rex was not able to further his studies due to that.

His dream to become a weather forecaster were shattered when his dad died. Through his friend, he was able to register as a member of YCV and joining the Ready for Work program and did his internship with the department of Cooperative.

He was exposed to the work environment during his internship inspire Rex to follow his dreams. He was introduced to different employment, and realized he was more interested in being a nurse where he could help patients, something he will be able to do as he was not able to care for his sick father before he died. He believe with little knowledge on basic first aid, he could have done something to help his father when he was sick. He went on to be a nurse assistant at the Vila Central Hospital in 2012 and decided to apply to the nursing school. He was accepted to the nursing school and graduated in 2014.

He went through 18 months training at Vaimali Health Center in Epi and from 2016 – 2018 he was transferred to go work at the William’s Bay Dispensary in Erromango. He now works at the Surgical Ward at the Vila Central Hospital as a Nurse Assistant. He does quite a number of things as a nurse assistant from giving out medication to the patients to bathing them.

He renewed his membership with Youth Challenge Vanuatu in 2020 and 2021. He then decided in 2021 to share his story to inspire other young people and encourage them that YCV can give them a second chance when all hope is gone. Rex Avock and his partner have a 7yr old son.